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I'm based in Las Vegas but home for me is any place I can meet new people, share their experiences and enjoy their company. My journey through life has exposed me to a unique insight into the the human psychology. This website is born out of my passion and gift of seeing through the crap that clutters up most of your lives and talking straight about any subject you bring to me. My credentials come from 28 years behind a stylist chair, 10 years as a Bartender, 37 years as an Athlete and 20 years as a Professional Dominatrix. There is absolutely nothing you can’t talk to me about or ask me about that I will not be able to discuss with you, judgement free and bullshit free.

My Early Years

I was raised in Alaska just outside of Anchorage. I grew up with two older brothers who for better or worse treated me as more of a nuisance than a princess. This attitude is the foundation of my tenacity. I was expected to figure out how to do things and hold my own.
Tagging along with my brothers all the time also gave me a unique insight into how they talk, feel and think and I have applied this knowledge throughout my many careers.
Men like to brag that they’re simple and require very little, but the truth is they are far more complex than even they realize.
Growing up in Alaska I became an avid outdoorsman (woman). I still enjoy hunting, fishing camping and horseback riding.
My exposure to sports, of course, came through my brothers. What ever sport they were doing I would get the hand-me-downs. I played right wing when I played Hockey from Squirts through Bantam, ran track and cross-country, and Nordic raced just to cover a few of the sports I’ve done.
It was during my Freshmen year of high school I began my lifelong love affair with weight lifting.
I began as a power lifter and in my Junior year I switched to bodybuilding. I competed in my first contest in 1987, the Sierra Classic in Reno NV.


Bodybuilding continued to be my first love but as I would have to learn, a lot of us give up on our passions for the acceptance of others and I stopped competing for almost 20 years.
While I have never had the opportunity to go to a fancy college, this period of my life was indeed the “learning years”.
Mistakes are not your enemy but the chisels that will shape who you will become.
It would be an understatement to say that I spent a great deal of this period of my lifetime making huge mistakes, but I also gained a great deal of knowledge that few people ever get a chance to learn.


My life’s journey had brought me back to the gym and back to competing at this point.
My personal picture of what I was to become was starting to come into focus. My confidence as a woman and an acknowledgment of the special gift I had to communicate with people was becoming more powerful.
All the experiences that I had gone through, the conversation that I had heard, the relationships, both mine and the ones people had shared with me, all were laying the groundwork for who I am now.


My bodybuilding career took center stage in my life in 2008 and in 2018 I finally achieved my Pro Status in the IFBB.
In addition to that,I wrote a marketing book for Cosmetologist and I put a couple of more stamps in my passport.
But by far my greatest accomplishment during this time period is to understand the greatest lesson of all…

The best moment
is the one you’re in right now
because it’s the only one you truly have.

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